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you are lying to me if you said that you didnt sing this in your head

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get to know me meme (five tv shows): buffy the vampire slayer (part 1) [3/5]

"The glory of Buffy is it was filled with strong women. Only one of those strong women had supernatural strength and an awful lot of sharpened stakes. And people sort of go ‘Well yes, of course Buffy was a strong woman. She could kick her way through a door.’ And you go ‘No, well that’s not actually what makes her a strong woman! You’re missing the point.’" (x)

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You know those actors who are good looking but then when you see them kiss someone…

And they become even more attractive because they look like such an amazing kisser?

Yeah, Dylan o’brien I’m looking at you.

So yeah, I’m 26 and I wear these pjs… #onedirection #1d #leopardprint #girlswithtattoos #pyjamas {

So yeah, I’m 26 and I wear these pjs… #onedirection #1d #leopardprint #girlswithtattoos #pyjamas