What's your damage

Do you realize, like, some the best things that have ever come out of my mouth were written by the people that wrote that show? — Seth Green [x]

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#will this child ever not delight me #can everyone else just look at him and take notes

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"Love isn’t practical. It isn’t meant to be easy. It doesn’t appear on command. It doesn’t let you fall for whomever you’d like. It surfaces neither at the most opportune moment nor in the most convenient. It’ll pair you with someone you might never have expected. It’ll put you face to face with endless obstacles. But in the end, none of that will matter because it’s how you overcome its obstacles that will define your love. It may not be practical, but love is ultimately the best thing that will ever happen to you.

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“If you die, I will literally go out of my freaking mind.”

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